Take care of your mat, and it will take care of you…

Devi mats are custom designed works of art that add beauty and imagination to your yoga practice. All yoga mats have life expectancies and wear out over time; however, Devi yoga mats are created with a unique and premium printing process to maximize durability without compromising performance.

Abrasive materials such as pebbles or sand may damage your mats design. To prevent scratching, please be ensure your feet are clean before use.

Care: Use a spray bottle and soft damp sponge to lightly apply a solution of 1 cup of water and four drops of mild dishwashing soap. Wipe your mat gently, being careful to not scrub. Follow by lightly wiping your mat with clean water and finish by patting lightly with a soft dry towel. Lay your mat flat, design side up, to air dry.